Lihami village electrical Installing

In 2011, Valenova Foundation became successful in attracting grants in installing electricity at Lihami Village as it ten electrical poles were bought to reach the village as since then there was no electricity, but soon after electricity installation the construction of Street Study center was established for the students to have their personal study in the evening.

Street Study Centre/Library

The Lihami Study Hall and Library which was built in 2011 is also a successful project that provides young people with a place to learn computers skills, and a place where volunteers can help students with subjects where they are having difficulty, especially in science and English but this project was only successful upon the electrical installation.

Installation of village water pump stations

Installing water pump stations at Lihami village is one of the very successful project conducted at our Charity as in 2013 with the help of our potential donors we managed to install five water pump stations which has greatly helped the villagers to fetch some water near to the homes while in the beginning women and kids were having this service very far which was risk to them.

Construction of disabled shoe makers workshop

Valenova Foundation with the help of friends managed to construct a disabled shoe makers workshop in 2012, the director of this workshop is Mr.Romanus, the idea of giving this support to these disabled people is to make them self-reliant and not beggars and it is evidenced that this group of two disabled group have improved their way of living as they now manage to provide school fees for their kids due to establishment of this workshop.

Providing funds for medical needs such as artificial limbs, kidney treatments and catheters

We have been involving in giving funds for medical needs in several time, one of the great success in this project is giving artificial limbs to Mr.Nicolas whose leg was chopped by crocodile along river Kilombero and after being cured on his injuries he was given fund to purchase artificial limb. After having this artificial limb he was overjoyed and we witnessed him saying ‘’Thank you Valenova Foundation now I can work at farm and help my family’’

Emergency food fund

Our Charity has much involvement in working at Lihami and Lipangalala villages in Ifakara the places are located along river Kilombero valley, that their geographical position has made them to be much invaded by floods which normally give a great destruction to the villagers’ crops. In realizing the problems of the villagers our charity with the help of donors managed to provide foods for the families whose crops had been destructed by floods.

Conducting small Irrigation system

Valenova Foundation which works at Lihami village in Ifakara,-Tanzania, the villagers do much involve in farming but most of the time do not become successful in having good harvest and this has come about due to harsh climatic condition that Ifakara at large has been experiencing such as drought for almost ten years now with low rainfall per year this renders the villagers to have not enough crops. In responding to this problem Valenova Foundation with the help of donors have purchased water pump machine that irrigates the maize, vegetables by using big ponds, river Lumemo and Kilombero, the project of irrigation has shown a great improvement in having good harvest.

Tractor Project

Tractor project is the amongst the successful project, it was established in 2015, the main reason of purchasing a tractor is to ensure that Valenova Foundation gets Income generating project that will also enable the farmers within the village have access to ploughing their farms within the conducive time and to make the agriculture activity to be more productive in the families and the income which will be generated from the ploughing the farms of the farmers would be used to pay school fees to the young students to reduce the work load from the donors.

Construction of Ifakara girls’ tailoring group and Training centre

Ifakara girls’ tailoring group and training centre is the centre that has been established to help girls who fail to join secondary schools because of financial problem in their families to acquire sewing skills, the centre is managed by Mwadawa Hangahanga but is supported by Valenova Foundation from its start. Most of the girls who study here are from villages across Ifakara, after their training they go back to their villages and start the business.

Providing lunch for Primary schools

The program of providing lunch to the Primary school pupils is the one which was established to ensure that the kids get food at school so that they concentrate well in their studies and this is mainly to the Standard seven pupils who are preparing for their final national examinations as they are required to stay at school until evening. The results has shown that the pupils get good results. This is Kiyongwile Primary school which benefited from this program but right now it has stopped due to financial problem at our Charity.

Projects that need funds

  • Support for medical needs expenses for the poor families
  • Tuition for young people. There are many kids and young people that need to attend school and Universities but because of financial problem to have tuition fees are still at home looking for our support, kindly help the dreams of the young people to be true.
    Needs range:
    1. English Medium Schools range from 850,000 to 1,000,000/=TZS ($375 to $ 441) per year.
    2. University Students range from 2,500,000 to 3,500,000/=TZS ($ 1,103 to $ 1,543) per year.
  • Purchasing more books at Street Hall Library at Lihami.
  • Purchasing school uniforms to the students who can’t afford.
  • Installing electricity at Lihami Primary school.
  • Support for single mothers in farming costs

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