Education is first for us

We have thought that educating the next generation is one of the best ways to have a long term impact in Ifakara communities and Tanzania at large. We have therefore committed ourselves to support students from poor families to English Medium schools, Secondary schools, Universities and Vocation training colleges (trade schools) who have good character formation and show a great endeavor in academic.

How do we choose students for scholarship?

A student/ parent is obliged to write a request letter to the Director of Valenova Foundation explaining his/her problems to why he/she fails to pay school fees for the family, Valenova members normally meet in every two weeks to discuss various things that are taking place at the Charity and it is the time when the requests are discussed, if the funds available, the person requested will be notified.

Challenge in sponsoring students

We are faced with a challenge in attending the requests of sponsoring students, we have many requests from families that give us difficult in sponsoring them, right now we have no donor who is helping in education we only depend on Income generating project of a tractor that the income we get from ploughing the farms of the farmers we give students for school fees but we still need to have a great support in having more funds to pay for school fees, we invite anyone who want to be a part of making the difference to the lives of the people in need.

Graduants from Valenova Foundation Scholarship

The below are some of the successful students who have graduated from the support of Valenova Foundation scholarship and are looking for jobs.

Ponsian Malowoko

He is a young man graduated in 2015 from Moshi Co-operative University in Bachelor degree of Human Resource Management and become the first student batch to benefit from Valenova Foundation scholarship. Recently he is working at ASA Microfinance Tanzania Limited as the Loan officer

Agnel Ligohalimu

Agnel graduated from Mzumbe University in Bachelor Degree of Public Administration in 2015 being the first student to be sponsored by our Charity and recently he is working at Benignis Primary school in Ifakara as Administrator and Accountant.

Hadija Kijika

She has graduated in Diploma of Community Development at Local Government Training Institute in Dodoma in June 2017 and now looking for the job.

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